Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Black Sky of Imagination

He comes to me, a dark angel of love

It's me he’s flown so far for
The softness of his warm touch as he caresses me
I am surrounded by his black wings full of delicate feathers
My eyes feel the hurt he’s suffered
He reeks of sadness and pain
The quiet whimpers of this poor angel
Prince Raveyn Cartner of the kingdom of Gravesend
He wasn’t really much of an angel
Fights and battles he’s one, he does it for me
He’s a man with a dodgy personality
“Because I love you, I will stay away”
The Black Sky of Imagination, my eyes wonder to it
I imagine the life we could’ve had
This made me as happy as rain on a gloomy day
My eyes were swallowed up by my tears
His Gothic Princess begging him to stay
Soon the battles will cease and he will come back to me
Glass bridges tie us together,
Our path almost invisible
I will always remember him to the point I shall forget
Demo, watashi wa kesshite wasurenai koto ga dekimasu.
The mood whispers his name and he leaves once again
The stars follow behind him, just in case he falls
The Prince of Gravesend, my dark angel,
Reeking of pain of the battles he’s won

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