Friday, December 20, 2013

The Recipe for a Broken Heart

1 perfectly good heart
3 cups of pain
2 cups of sorrow
1 gallon of tears

2 pounds of false promises
1 cup of broken trust
1 quart of lies
3 pints of missed opportunities

Place Heart in large bucket filled with tears. Soak for 2 hours then poor in the 2 cups of sorrow. Chop of the missed opportunities and false promises and throw them into the mix. Add in the quart of lies and bring mixture to a boil. Slowly stir in the pain. Pull out the heart and cover it in the broken trust. Serve with a frown, your dish is complete.

The 4th Wall

The lights shine brightly, the curtains open, the stage is set. A table is in the center, covered with a variety of food. A series of bells ring and a large mass of people flood to the table. The favorite of the food seems to be the smoked ham, the smell flying off the stage past the 4th wall. The people at the table feast, the audience wanting to jump on stage and take part of the joy. Chatter breaks out at the table, talking about friends and family. Minutes later, another set of bells ring and all but one leaves. That one was a small girl with a blue bow in her long blonde hair. She walks up to the 4th wall and places her hands on it. "Why can't I see you? Why can't I hear you?" she askes as she runs her hand along the unseen wall. The trail that her hand made slowly turned to ice. To the audience, it appears as a floating stream of ice, they murmur to one another. "It's too cold in here. don't you see?" She shivers and wraps her arms around herself. "Let me out, I'm so cold. Let me out!" She thrusts her hands forward and an icy wall shatters.

Monday, December 16, 2013

A poem by Kyo Konoyashi

My heart is empty
Alone and broken
Nothing fill my need for love
My tears fall into a stream of lies
I am the wrong in this world
A burden to all that is right
Nothing brings back the truth
I'm torn inside and dead at heart
No one can save me
I'm a lost soul
Don't come near me
I'll only bring you pain
Just like everyone else
Please forgive me
I have everything to be sorry for
Put away your doubts
Don't let me get you down
Everyone is better without me
Without this mistake
I need to leave this world
I don't belong
Now I only cry
Nothing cares for my existence


Life is usually described as a roller coaster, but I like comparing it to a tree. It sways back and forth according to the wind. The wind is unpredictable but it always effects the tree. It bends toward the light reaching for it with all its strength. But it still has its dark days, it still gets rained on and sometimes it loses its leaves, looks dead and empty. But it always comes back to life and continues its journey toward the light.

Looking For The Light

Dark, why is the world always cold and dark. It is so hard to find a light in this world. I have not yet found a light, only empty bodies surrounded in darkness. This darkness, it consumes all the light that exists. If someone is around a person with this dark, they become cold and dark too. That is why I must be careful on my search for light. I am light, so the darkness waits to devour me. I must be careful. I can feel the dark trying to creep into my heart, it hurts. I must be careful, I must find the light. There has to be at least one other person with the light. Or has this world really gone dark? No, maybe that other light is searching for more light like me. I hope that is the case. I want to be with light and help change the world. I want to find the one just for me. I wonder where that person is. A person would think that a glimpse of light would stand out against all this darkness, but no, it blends in, I blend in. No one can see my light, no one except for the darkness within everyone. They look and laugh, they despise my light.

On my journey for light, I dodge the hurt that people throw at me. I protect my light, for it is what make me me. I do not want to become like one of them, one of the dark. Where is this person, the one just for me, the one of light? I wonder if that person knows I am searching? I hope that is the case. The darkness doesn't what me to find that person, they keep me away. They are the ones that make me blend in, so I cannot be found. The dark knows I want to be found, that is why they hide me. Some act like the light, pretend to be the one just for me. They fill me with joy, but then the dark within them crushes it. They use my light against me. So many times I have thought I had found the one just for me, but it was just dark in disguise. I am scared now, in my search for the light. What if it's only darkness again? I don't want to try again. What if it really is the light and I miss out of the one just for me? I must keep trying, but I must be careful. Protect my light. My light is slowly fading from all the false light being thrown at me. I don't know what to do anymore. Do I search for the one just for me? Or do I hide away...?

Hello? Yes? Who is there? It is you. What do you mean? I am you, you are me. We are the same. Oh? Why are you here? I am here to help you. Help you on your search for the light. Really? You'll help me? Well I am you after all. Thank you. I need it, the dark has been hurting me so much, I don't know what to do... It'll be okay, I will help you find the one just for you, we shall be happy. Happy? Yes, that is what you are looking for isn't it? A world of happiness? Yes, a world where everyone is happy, that is what I want. Then you need to find the one just for you. I have tried, but the darkness pretends to be the light, so I do not know. That is why I am here. I will help you know the difference. How? I am well known by the darkness, we used to be of the dark, or at least I have. I don't understand. If we are the same, how could you be of the dark and not me? We are of one body, but not of one mind. Is that why I felt darkness within me back then? Yes, don't you still feel it now? It is too hard for me to feel the difference between light and dark now... You poor child, I will help you remember. Now, let us continue our journey, our journey for the light.

To be continued...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Secret Life of Seth Nightshade...

Raveyn finally fell asleep, that boy needs to sleep more. I appreciate him staying up for me, but he's going to get ill if he keeps this up. It's 4:00 in the morning and he has to get up at 7:00. I ought to punish him for this...
I get out of bed and climb out of his bedroom window, pulling out my favorite pair of scissors. "Who will be the unfortunate fellow tonight?" I run and run as fast as I can, becoming a blur in the night. I let my laugh echo through the cold air and into the hearts of people around. I hear the sound of children, up and awake in their rooms, thinking no one will find out. I sneak up a tree near the window and climb through. The children scream, giving me pleasure. "You want to play with me?" I spin the scissors around my finger, inching closer to them. They try running through the door, but I quickly close it. "Don't go, we haven't played a game yet." I hear their parents rushing to the room from the other side.
"Isabelle! Timothy! What's wrong? What's going on in there?! The door won't open!!"
"Oops, I guess I locked the door. Hehehe." I grab the boy, supposedly Timothy, by the arm and toss him to the ground. I throw my scissors at him and they land directly in his squinted eye. He tosses and turns, screaming, everyone was screaming. Laughing, I walk up to Timothy and slowly pull out the scissors. "Oh look at this, you got my favorites dirty. You'll pay for that." I stab down the scissors into his other eye.
"I called the police!" I hear the mother yell.
"Woopdidoo!" I pull out the scissors again and quickly throw the scissors at the girl, Isabelle, landing them in her right eye. She falls to the ground, blood pouring from her eye like her brother. She covers her eyes, trying to take out the scissors. I run over to Isabelle and rip the scissors from her. I crouch down and whisper into her ear. "I'll leave your other eye, just for you to remember me by." I then get up, and place the scissors in my mouth. I run to the window just as I hear sirens. I jump out and land in the tree.
"Who's there?" A policeman yells up at the tree.
"Who else!!!" I jump from the tree and land promptly on the ground and run. I run and run and run, laughing loudly. I hear them chasing after me, hear them threatening to shoot me. Nothing I haven't heard before. I run faster, dodging bullets and crude words. They never see my face, nothing but a dark figure running in the night, and my unforgettable laugh.

Oh Seth, what are we going to do with you...

Friday, December 6, 2013

Out of My Comfort Zone

Not a big fan of the mushy gushy lovey dovey stuff that you see in chickflicks but here you go.

A flower petal falls onto her face, the sun shining just right. In this garden of beauty, I just want to hold her tight. Cherry blossoms fill the air, blowing with the wind. I here the splash of water from the lake behind us. Her eyes more blue than the lake. She stands there in her purple sundress, staring off into the distance. I step toward her and embrace her in my arms from behind.
"Victoria" I whisper in her ear. She jolts at hearing her name, but continues to smile.
"The setting sun is beautiful, isn't it?" Victoria laughs.
"Yeah" I rest my head on shoulder against her neck.
"Christain" I feel her head look down at her feet.
"Do you think I'll ever find love?" The wind picks up speed and a flood of cherry blossoms surround us.
"Of course you will" I stand up straight and release my hold on her.
"But I only have 3 days left and I haven't found anyone to love" Victoria folds her arms.
"Maybe you're not looking hard enough" I turn her around to face me. She sticks her arms out quickly to catch herself.
"What do you mean?" She looks up at me, her deep blue eyes dragging me in like a whirlpool.
"Victoria..." I take a deep breathe.
"Yes?" I lean into her and kiss her deeply, all the love I have flowing into her. I wish this moment could last forever, but it was over. She backs up and covers her mouth. "Chr-christian?!" Her face turns a bright red.
"I love you Victoria. Weither you love me back is your choice, but I just needed to tell you."
She covers her face. "I...I..."
"Yes?" I grab her shoulder. "You're going to fall..." I pull her against me.
She holds onto me tightly and begins to cry. "I love you too" I smile brighter than I have before.
A bright light surrounds up and Victoria is lifted into the air. "Thank you. You have set me free. I'll miss you." I watch her go up and up until I couldn't see her anymore.
"I'll miss you too..." I whisper as I begin to cry.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Everyday is a Nightmare

Step step, drip drip
He's there, watching me again
His endless black holes where eyes should be
Drip drip, the water falling from his body
He is always drenched
Never ending, he haunts me
That evil grin
What did I ever do to that little boy
My vases are shattered
He's been at it again
Puddles of water
All over the floor
Bloody footprints where he used to be
A sore on my neck coloured red
He visited me at night
What did I ever do to that little boy
My curtains torn
Couches and chairs ripped apart
Sounds of pitiful laughter
Water along the ground dyed red
Again my neck aches
Hiding in the shadows
Never ending, he haunts me
Guilt rises in my chest
What did I ever do to that little boy
Heart shattered
Hope torn
He has taken the last
"There is nothing left!" I scream
He never answers
A laugh in place of a response
Blood pours from the holes in his eyes
That's my blood
What did I ever do to that little boy

Friday, October 18, 2013

Flash Stories, Part 10 (Final)

I want to be with him, but I don't want to be with him. Why did he have to be a demon? I wish to right my wrongs and return to heaven. If only I could remember what my wrong was, then I would know how to correct. I want nothing more than to return home. At least that's what I think, that's what I want to believe. Maybe... just maybe... that's not what I truly want. Perhaps I should listen to my heart rather than my head. Who cares if the one I love is a demon, I'm never going to remember what I did wrong, I'm never going to be an angel again. He loves me for me, not what I am. I should do the same for him.

Flash Stories, Part 9

She says she can't love me as long as I am a demon. I cannot change that, but I don't want to be one anymore. That's why I left that world, so I could live as something other than a demon. I didn't ask for this, I wanted to be human. That angel girl has fallen from heaven and was forced to become a human. That's what she tells me at least. She wished to be an angel but was forced to be human. I want to be human but am forced to remain a demon. Why does it have to work out like this? Why must I thirst for her blood every second? I only want to remain with her.

Flash Stories, Part 8

That was an awful nightmare, who was that little boy? I swear I've seen him before, long long ago. He was there, when I fell from heaven, laughing at me. I know it was him, I know it! Why.. why is it that no one else seem to notice him? He was so different from all the rest, dressed in all black in a world of white. That evil laugh behind those innocent eyes. He's here with me now, where is he, where is this menace? There, behind the demon I love, cutting him open with that disturbing smile. Why can't anyone see him but me?

Flash Stories, Part 7

I wonder if that beautiful angel is doing alright. Does she know I am what I am, a demon of the night? I have to be careful, if I get to close, it may end badly for us both. I cannot let her find out who I truly am, for then she will no longer love me. If she knew, how badly I wish to sink my teeth into that pure neck of hers, she would go berserk. I need to see her again, see if she's alright. There she is, up in that tree, she seems to be sleeping. I wonder what she dreams about, or what she thinks about when she's awake. Am I on her mind?

Flash Stories, Part 6

It's so dark... did I finally fall asleep? I hear faint laughter, it seems so close by. It sounds like a young boy, why can't I see him? It's pitch black all around me, I can't even see my own hand in front of my face, of course I can't see the boy. I cry out greetings, calling him to me, I am unsure if this is a good idea. What if he harms me? I call out again and see a small light coming toward me quickly. I am afraid, very afraid, yet I shouldn't be scared of the light. This light seem different though, eerie in fact. The light is the small laughing boy, a ghost. His laugh turns into a scream and he jumps at my face! It feels like he's tearing through my skin, ripping me open! I arise from my place on the tree and breathe heavily. What an awful nightmare.

Flash Stories, Part 5

I can't sleep. I can't think straight. What has this man done to me? I've seen him only once, but that seems enough to understand the feelings I have toward him. I feel his presence near me. I went to go to bed in a tree, could he be nearby? Why would he, I saw him go off in the other direction. What does this man want with me? Is he truly a demon, has he cursed me into loving him? Making me not be able to sleep is a cruel punishment. This is what I should have expected from a demon I suppose.

Flash Stories, Part 4

Who is this man? I saw him rise through a large crack in the ground. Is he some sort of demon? If so, does he know I'm an angel? He wouldn't show such affection to me if he knew, would he? Does this strange man have feelings for me? Do I have feelings for him?! No! I cannot, it is forbidden for an angel and a demon to be together. well, I'm not exactly an angel anymore... I've lost my wings, I've lost my memories, I'm not sure of who I even am anymore. Maybe, it wouldn't be so bad to love this man.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Flash Stories, Part 3

Yes, I am finally free. Out of that dark world I used to call home. Up from the dirt, the darkness that surrounded me, into the light. Who is that over there? A tattered girl kneeling on the rough ground. Her dress is torn, but you can tell it as well as herself used to be very beautiful. She cries and pleas, talking about returning home. Why does she feel her back with such anguish, does it hurt her? I will find out about her, crawl to her if I must. I can stand, I can walk, I can talk. Her voice is a melody, calming my black heart. She is lost, I am found. I will be there for her, care for this girl and her forgotten past, because I will be her future.

Flash Stories, Part 2

Wings. I had wings, I was an angel... I did something wrong.. what was it again? It must have been really horrible to have been dropped from heaven. I don't want to be here, I want to go back. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, can you please forgive any wrong I have done? My tears are running down my cheeks like streams into my mouth. They taste like little pieces of freedom. Yet I am still here, kneeling on the harsh ground in a torn white dress. I still don't understand what I have done wrong.. I always tried to be my very best. I also tried to be who everyone wanted me to be. Was I not good enough, I suppose not.

Flash Stories, Part 1

Why can't I remember? Who am I again? I think...I think my name was Christine... was it? Why am I here, what was I doing? The world, it seems so strange to me. This isn't like my home, at least that's what I'm guessing.. It doesn't look familiar, then again nothing does. My hand, why is it so white, so pale? Am I dying, did I die? Why does it feel like I can't die, that is seems impossible? Why do I feel like I've done something wrong? My back aches... I feel like something is missing from it, that something was there before. What was it? I want to remember, no, I need to remember.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Vampire Tree

Every leaf of the tree was vines to its heart. Blood of the people it had strangled turning it red. Silent, even when the wind blew, these leaves never fall. If you get really close, you can hear the thump thump of the tree's heart, the quiet breathing. If it lets you touch its leaves, you can feel that it pulsates. Many people this one tree has killed, it's the only way it will survive, for it doesn't get fed by the sun. Instead, it fears the sun, the tree hides in the dark. The smell like strawberries, luring in its next victim. Long tangles of leaves tightly wrapping around the unfortunate human's body, squeezing him until blood seeps from his pores. The tree drinks up this metallic blood, lusting for more. The screams of the innocent fade to nothing, he is dead. The cold corpse left on the ground to slowly decay, the fungi now have their turn.

Too Close

From this spot on the cliff, you could hear the ocean waving its final goodbyes. The wind whistling a silent tune, the loud but hidden whimpers of a lost girl. She was on the edge, starting down into the rocky abyss, water crashing against it all. Inching closer, half of her feet on the air. Closing her eyes and opening her arms, she prepares herself. Tears streaming from her eyes into the ocean. Leaning forward she has given up. Seconds later she opens her eyes and is staring off into the forbidden sunset, locked in a young man's arms. He held her tightly, crying along with her. "Sorry, I'm so sorry." he repeats over and over again in her ear. She frowns upon her failed attempt for she was still blinded, unable to hear what is going on around her. "I love you." he whispers and her eyes can finally see. Her eyes now filled with tears of joy she turns around to return the man's embrace. "I love you too," she responds, "thank you."

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Loving Torture

His soft voice fills my ears,
I am wrapped up in him.
The smell of blood lingers on his clothing.
How can someone so violent and so cruel,
Be like this in this moment.
Holding me gently,
Slowly kissing me.
The taste of blood filling my mouth.
Its metallic taste,
Its warmth,
In this moment it was alright.
He was so different now,
No more crazy,
No scissors in his hands.
Instead it was gentleman,
And my hands were in his.
 I have forever awaited for now,
This moment.
He has finally given into liking me,
He has finally admitted it within himself.
Now I can be happy,
The one person I love and will always love,
Now tells me he loves me too.
That is the best new I could hear.
I wish for this one moment to continue on forever,
Him touching me,
Kissing me,
Loving me.
I want nothing more than him.
He may be violent and still strike me with objects,
And tear through my long back with his nails,
But he fills me with such joy.
The feeling of my skin tearing,
The smell of blood around me,
It's all so wonderful.
Best of all,
He is my torturer,
He gives me this joy.

Erasure Poem

A      range of shades      allow
bright              from                                        dark
                                                         which symbolizes                             the
beginning                                     Anything                          carries
                                 experience,                                                    and put
people                                        open                                            was
                      I                   a celebrity                                        wearing
            a smile                                                       That             overkill           can
leave you                                                        investing                       instead

                     keep in mind      not everyone can
           have a hard time                                    and                     only
                                 find the                  good
                                                                      The                           red's depth
            is      perfect
                            action                                   active                 in
red is much more                                   perky                              when you want to
                             hit                                work                      is said to
                                      symbolizes               endurance        also                     when
you         stand     without              risk         because
                     If you're                                            red
                                   almost everyone has
      a little
         you need
a young-looking face          to appear                                                    to help
                                                                                                black makes you
                                 instantly                                                                put on
                                                                      the darkest
                                                                   downer                                    feel
                                                                                    the villain
over the years               become more
    elegant                                                  clearly                          you want
more                                                    Every woman needs                  everything
           so you                                shine.

Text Message Poems

The world is a scary place
Things in the shadows
Creeping in your eyes
You scare yourself
With the mystery thoughts
What ifs and maybes
Small noises in the dark
Unknown of its identity
This is the cause of fear
Tears are not weakness
They are strength
Proves you have emotion
Do not take tears for granted
Crying or the wrong one
For that person
Does not deserve them
Your precious tears
Hope is something loved
It is what we all hold to
A special gift
And when it is lost
It may never be found
This makes us weak
When we have this gift
We are at our strongest
Not to be defeated
By any battle
Don't ever lose hope!

Forgotten Memories

The ring glittered in the moon lit water as it slowly sunk to the bottom of the lake. A girl is crying on the grass, her head in between her knees. Other than her sorrowful whimpers, there was no sound in the forest. She was alone and forgotten. Little had she known that the ring would bring her to another dimension, given to her by the one she loved with all her heart. It was all some cruel trick, and to think I was the main act. She laughs between tears.

To be continued....

Death of Love

When I close my eyes
There he is in front of me
Laughing, playing, his smile so bright
He was always happy
He was always kind to everyone
I loved him
Still do
My beautiful little boy
With short black hair
The softest pale white skin
The brightest green eyes
He was perfect
My perfect boy
If only I had seen the car
When he was playing ball in the yard
If only I had heard the car
When he was in the street
Tears run down my cheeks
The memory I suffer with every day
So vivid as if it were yesterday
Three years have gone by
He would be seven today
So young and he is gone
He was perfect!
He didn't deserve this fate
It's all my fault
It should've been me

Autobiography in 5 Short Chapters

I am young and in a new world
I come across a beautiful treasure
Stepping closer I go to pick it up
In my hands it shatters
I am depressed
I am older now and in the same world
Another beautiful treasure is there
Maybe if I pick it up this time it wont brake
I get close and it shatters
Again I am depressed
Older and wiser I am still in the same world
Yet another beautiful treasure
I want it so badly and can't help myself
I take two steps toward it and it shatters
Depression stays with me
Still getting wiser with this same cruel world
A fourth beautiful treasure is before me
Once there was a time it was mine alone
I want it back, but I cannot get any closer now
For it will shatter if I do
I sit down and stare
Wondering if it'll ever be mine again
Depression stregthens and I cannot smile
This world has treated me wrongly
It stole my beautiful treasure
But I know now
That I will NEVER get it back
Black darkness swallows me up
Will I ever be happy again?

Shadow Boy

Dark nights filled with creeping shadows
He opens the door a peak
Peering in the small crack,
Waiting for me to fall asleep
He never leaves while I'm awake at night
Always staring, always watching
Sometimes I wonder what he does,
While I am sleeping in bed
Does he hurt me?
Does he curse me?
Or simply does he do nothing at all?
Perhaps all he does is look,
Until the sun comes up
Perhaps he's friendly,
But too shy to come in
Sometimes I hear him crying,
Small whimpers of a child
Perhaps he's a little boy,
Who only wants to play
I suppose that boy is lonely,
Hiding from the sun
Where does he go?
I wish to find him one day,
Tell him, "I'll play with you."
For at night he seems so scary,
Creeping in the shadows
I feel wrong in being afraid,
A selfish child
Maybe, just maybe,
Tomorrow night,
I'll finally say hello

Rainy Day

It was a rainy day, the sky was gray and water covered the ground. Staring out from the window, it didn't seem special. I got up from my seat and went outside. Raindrops poured down on me and I was quickly soaked. I began to laugh as one fell on my nose. My face lighted up to match the colors. Looking around I was no longer outside my house, it was white all around me except for the colorful rain that still fell upon me. But wait, the rain had stopped moving, the drops stayed placed in midair. Both confused and amused, I watched as they changed shape and formed together to create a face, a person, a car, a boat, their imagination was endless. It was beautiful, colors and creativity. I wanted to touch it, see if it was real. It was, but as I touched the drops, it fell apart. It was if the whole world was melting, and I was falling along with it. When my eyes open, I am sitting in front of my window, my head resting on the windowsill.

Timeout Paradise

"Go sit in timeout!" my mother yells as she points toward the blank, white wall. I grab my little blue rocking chair and sit down facing the wall. My tiny hands hold up my head as I pount.

Minutes go by that seem like hours, but I still had ten minutes lift to go. I accept my fate and actually look at the wall for the first time. There were so many smudges and dents that I had never seen before. The more I look, the wall begins to change. It starts to ripple, turning into a fast ocean. The sound f birds from the square window turn into seagulls flying across the sunset. I look closer, smudges become flowers, shadows become island trees and beach huts. I quickly blink my eyes to see if the illusion would disappear, it didn't. The fantasy slowly started to appear as reality, I close my eyes. When I open my eyes I find myself warped into the paradise, it was all around me, beautiful. I jump into the ocean water, wanting to go for a swim, but I begin to drown. My mom is calling for me and I close my eyes again. This time when I open them I'm back in my chair, staring at a blank wall.

"You can come out of timeout now." My mom tells me, my paradise is gone for good.


Her eyes began to sparkle,
Filled with the past that she wishes to forget.
It's trapped in there.
The tears run from her eyes,
Dropping lightly on her dress.
The eyes were delicate,
In the sense that they were filled with emotion.
A bright blue with hints of purple.
You look into them and wonder,
What was going on behind those eyes?
Where did she come from?
Why is she so sad?
I want to speak to her,
Give her a hug and make her feel better.
I can't sadly,
For I am not there,
Nonexistent in that world.
I am just a small figment,
Who was forced into her world.
I am invisible to that beautiful girl.
All I can do is stare into those never ending eyes,
And I am frozen.
I can't move,
Can't speak,
Can't think,
I am trapped in her eyes.
Why can't I talk to her?
I want to become part of this world.
The world of gorgeous people,
With emotions and the ability to cry.
I want to be there for that lonely girl.

Invisibility Cloak

It was another average day at school. I walked through the front doors and it already became a world of hurt. Girls in a corner pointed and laughed, making the usual insults about the way I dress. Crowds smacked into me as if I were invisible, saying not a word of apology. I headed to the group I dare to call my "friends," sat down, and said hi. Their response was nothing different than any of the others they gave me, weird looks and a quick hello before they continued on with their own conversations. Most of the time I stay out of it and just listen, but that's only because every time I tried to put in some input, I was given more odd looks and they'd scamper away like cockroaches.

But as I said, it was just a normal day.

With school over, I headed home with a stack of homework that was so tall I couldn't lift my backpack, I had to drag it. Why do I procrastinate so much? The world may never know. At home I said hello to my mom, busily working away at the computer, also to my brother, who sat in front of the TV playing his video games. My sister was the only one that gave me a decent response, a five minute conversation. Yippe! It was time to work on my homework, crap. I came to a problem that I couldn't quite understand, English homework... So I asked my mom for help and she called me over to her desk. I came over next to her and she gets out maybe two words before she runs off to go do something. When she came back again I asked her for help, instead she talks to my sister then leaves again! The third time I asked she finally decides to help. With twenty minutes wasted, I get back to work.

My homework finished, I headed to my corner. I put on my headphones and listened to loud Japanese techno music and began drawing anime and pokemon. During that point of the day, I got to relax and not care about the fact that everyone ignored me on a daily basis or that I had no real friends. All that mattered was me, my art, and my music, and that was good enough for me.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Inventing Beauty In The Darkness

If I could see all the darkness but the light
From the sea of pain shall it open,
I would know by heart
About the beauty within the dark.
If only you were here by my side I would know
This was a painful cause where an alter hangs the light
And a vampire's teeth sink in as a soul leaves.
If I could only see the light but stay in the darkness I would know
About the suffering you and I could forget
The love we share and keep hold of the secrets inside,
The gravestone
My heart was an angel with torn wings and a broken soul
In a world of hurt and anguish,
Hope seems lost
I could fill an ocean with all my tears
And keep plenty more among the sullen eyes of the angel,
Among the stars of their beauty,
 Deep darkness,
Love, and pain.
I could see you in my teary eyes
And think of you
With the sweet beauty in the darkness
The smell of roses between my eyes,
I could see the dark angel who always stayed by my side
About love especially in the heart with its beautiful darkness
So I would travel across the world
To see the beauty that you hold.
If I could love the light that purges through the dark,
I would discover what good it could bring
To this blackened heart,
I would redden the world
Safe from harm like the dull blade
Made of the sharpest metal forged
Or the unknown waters,
That carry sailors,
Dreams, and me
Far away from shore.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Black Sky of Imagination

He comes to me, a dark angel of love

It's me he’s flown so far for
The softness of his warm touch as he caresses me
I am surrounded by his black wings full of delicate feathers
My eyes feel the hurt he’s suffered
He reeks of sadness and pain
The quiet whimpers of this poor angel
Prince Raveyn Cartner of the kingdom of Gravesend
He wasn’t really much of an angel
Fights and battles he’s one, he does it for me
He’s a man with a dodgy personality
“Because I love you, I will stay away”
The Black Sky of Imagination, my eyes wonder to it
I imagine the life we could’ve had
This made me as happy as rain on a gloomy day
My eyes were swallowed up by my tears
His Gothic Princess begging him to stay
Soon the battles will cease and he will come back to me
Glass bridges tie us together,
Our path almost invisible
I will always remember him to the point I shall forget
Demo, watashi wa kesshite wasurenai koto ga dekimasu.
The mood whispers his name and he leaves once again
The stars follow behind him, just in case he falls
The Prince of Gravesend, my dark angel,
Reeking of pain of the battles he’s won