Friday, September 27, 2013

Inventing Beauty In The Darkness

If I could see all the darkness but the light
From the sea of pain shall it open,
I would know by heart
About the beauty within the dark.
If only you were here by my side I would know
This was a painful cause where an alter hangs the light
And a vampire's teeth sink in as a soul leaves.
If I could only see the light but stay in the darkness I would know
About the suffering you and I could forget
The love we share and keep hold of the secrets inside,
The gravestone
My heart was an angel with torn wings and a broken soul
In a world of hurt and anguish,
Hope seems lost
I could fill an ocean with all my tears
And keep plenty more among the sullen eyes of the angel,
Among the stars of their beauty,
 Deep darkness,
Love, and pain.
I could see you in my teary eyes
And think of you
With the sweet beauty in the darkness
The smell of roses between my eyes,
I could see the dark angel who always stayed by my side
About love especially in the heart with its beautiful darkness
So I would travel across the world
To see the beauty that you hold.
If I could love the light that purges through the dark,
I would discover what good it could bring
To this blackened heart,
I would redden the world
Safe from harm like the dull blade
Made of the sharpest metal forged
Or the unknown waters,
That carry sailors,
Dreams, and me
Far away from shore.

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