Monday, February 2, 2015

Lost in Thought-Gilbert and Zehar Darzi

G: I feel lost, like I’m in some sort of cave with no opening. I asked Zehar, but she didn’t know either. That is, where we are. We’ve lost our memories; that’s easy enough. We’re probably in some sort of dungeon or somethin’. We’ve been in here for what? 3 years?

Z: Little over two actually.

G: Yeah, we’ve been keeping track of all the days. We can’t see if it’s night or day, but Zehar found out somethin after a while.

Z: During night time, the atmosphere changes. It gets more… floofy kinda dreamy, you know? It feels like you’re in a dream, but well, not. That’s what it’s like at night. So we just count all the floofy moments.

G: Yeah! Though it may be inaccurate since we have no memory of anything before being in this dark dungeon cave. So who knows, could be longer, shorter. We have no idea! We have no way of telling. The reason we’ve been counting the days is because we have nothing better to do.

Z: Yeah… It’s really dark and boring.

G: Soooo boring. We can’t even sleep. Not that there’s a bed in here anyways. Sleep is boring too, so I don’t care too much.

Z: Hey Gil, who are we talking to anyways? It’s empty in here.

G: Don’t you feel it? Someone is listening to us. Might as well talk to them.

Z: Oh yeah, I feel it now too. I wonder who they are? Do they know us?

G: Let’s introduce ourselves just in case. My name is Gilbert Darzi. I’m twe--- fourteen now, I think. I have deep blue hair and light brown eyes. This is my Twin, Zehar Darzi.

Z: I have light blue hair and golden eyes. We’re from India. We like to… Gil, what do we like to do? It seems to be anything that entertains us at the time.

G: Yeah, we like things that are supposedly exciting, we find them fairly boring though.

Z: We tried cliff jumping once. It ended up being real boring.

G: Our favorite is rollercoasters, I think. At least for me, and we usually share the same interests

Z: Yeah, I really liked the rollercoasters too. Especially ones that go fast, throw you around, and go in loopdiloops. We also tried haunted houses; that was horrible!

G: Yeah! I’d much rather be the one scaring.

Z: Hey! Gil! We just remembered things before the cave.

G: Oh yeah! Hm, are these really our memories? Or were they fed to us. This is the first time someone listened to us in here, the first we remembered things.

Z: It does seem if-y. I feel they are real… but not real. Like we did those things, just not in real life. You understand?

G: Nnn… I understand, I think. Hey, what about me?

Z: Hm… actually, you have a similar feeling. Real, but not real. Me too.

G: Really?! Well okay then. What about the person listening?

Z: That person has the same feeling too. Are we dreaming or something? If we are, this is a really, really long dream.

G: Who knows, we’re stuck in here, that’s the problem. A really big problem. Hey! Zehar.

Z: What?

G: Can we die? I don’t think we can. Right?

Z: Yeah, I don’t think we can die either

G: When we get out, can we jump into a volcano? I want to see what it feels like to be consumed by all that burning hot magma, sounds exciting right?

Z: Sure, let’s do that.

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