Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Invisibility Cloak

It was another average day at school. I walked through the front doors and it already became a world of hurt. Girls in a corner pointed and laughed, making the usual insults about the way I dress. Crowds smacked into me as if I were invisible, saying not a word of apology. I headed to the group I dare to call my "friends," sat down, and said hi. Their response was nothing different than any of the others they gave me, weird looks and a quick hello before they continued on with their own conversations. Most of the time I stay out of it and just listen, but that's only because every time I tried to put in some input, I was given more odd looks and they'd scamper away like cockroaches.

But as I said, it was just a normal day.

With school over, I headed home with a stack of homework that was so tall I couldn't lift my backpack, I had to drag it. Why do I procrastinate so much? The world may never know. At home I said hello to my mom, busily working away at the computer, also to my brother, who sat in front of the TV playing his video games. My sister was the only one that gave me a decent response, a five minute conversation. Yippe! It was time to work on my homework, crap. I came to a problem that I couldn't quite understand, English homework... So I asked my mom for help and she called me over to her desk. I came over next to her and she gets out maybe two words before she runs off to go do something. When she came back again I asked her for help, instead she talks to my sister then leaves again! The third time I asked she finally decides to help. With twenty minutes wasted, I get back to work.

My homework finished, I headed to my corner. I put on my headphones and listened to loud Japanese techno music and began drawing anime and pokemon. During that point of the day, I got to relax and not care about the fact that everyone ignored me on a daily basis or that I had no real friends. All that mattered was me, my art, and my music, and that was good enough for me.

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