Friday, December 20, 2013

The 4th Wall

The lights shine brightly, the curtains open, the stage is set. A table is in the center, covered with a variety of food. A series of bells ring and a large mass of people flood to the table. The favorite of the food seems to be the smoked ham, the smell flying off the stage past the 4th wall. The people at the table feast, the audience wanting to jump on stage and take part of the joy. Chatter breaks out at the table, talking about friends and family. Minutes later, another set of bells ring and all but one leaves. That one was a small girl with a blue bow in her long blonde hair. She walks up to the 4th wall and places her hands on it. "Why can't I see you? Why can't I hear you?" she askes as she runs her hand along the unseen wall. The trail that her hand made slowly turned to ice. To the audience, it appears as a floating stream of ice, they murmur to one another. "It's too cold in here. don't you see?" She shivers and wraps her arms around herself. "Let me out, I'm so cold. Let me out!" She thrusts her hands forward and an icy wall shatters.

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