Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Secret Life of Seth Nightshade...

Raveyn finally fell asleep, that boy needs to sleep more. I appreciate him staying up for me, but he's going to get ill if he keeps this up. It's 4:00 in the morning and he has to get up at 7:00. I ought to punish him for this...
I get out of bed and climb out of his bedroom window, pulling out my favorite pair of scissors. "Who will be the unfortunate fellow tonight?" I run and run as fast as I can, becoming a blur in the night. I let my laugh echo through the cold air and into the hearts of people around. I hear the sound of children, up and awake in their rooms, thinking no one will find out. I sneak up a tree near the window and climb through. The children scream, giving me pleasure. "You want to play with me?" I spin the scissors around my finger, inching closer to them. They try running through the door, but I quickly close it. "Don't go, we haven't played a game yet." I hear their parents rushing to the room from the other side.
"Isabelle! Timothy! What's wrong? What's going on in there?! The door won't open!!"
"Oops, I guess I locked the door. Hehehe." I grab the boy, supposedly Timothy, by the arm and toss him to the ground. I throw my scissors at him and they land directly in his squinted eye. He tosses and turns, screaming, everyone was screaming. Laughing, I walk up to Timothy and slowly pull out the scissors. "Oh look at this, you got my favorites dirty. You'll pay for that." I stab down the scissors into his other eye.
"I called the police!" I hear the mother yell.
"Woopdidoo!" I pull out the scissors again and quickly throw the scissors at the girl, Isabelle, landing them in her right eye. She falls to the ground, blood pouring from her eye like her brother. She covers her eyes, trying to take out the scissors. I run over to Isabelle and rip the scissors from her. I crouch down and whisper into her ear. "I'll leave your other eye, just for you to remember me by." I then get up, and place the scissors in my mouth. I run to the window just as I hear sirens. I jump out and land in the tree.
"Who's there?" A policeman yells up at the tree.
"Who else!!!" I jump from the tree and land promptly on the ground and run. I run and run and run, laughing loudly. I hear them chasing after me, hear them threatening to shoot me. Nothing I haven't heard before. I run faster, dodging bullets and crude words. They never see my face, nothing but a dark figure running in the night, and my unforgettable laugh.

Oh Seth, what are we going to do with you...

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