Friday, December 6, 2013

Out of My Comfort Zone

Not a big fan of the mushy gushy lovey dovey stuff that you see in chickflicks but here you go.

A flower petal falls onto her face, the sun shining just right. In this garden of beauty, I just want to hold her tight. Cherry blossoms fill the air, blowing with the wind. I here the splash of water from the lake behind us. Her eyes more blue than the lake. She stands there in her purple sundress, staring off into the distance. I step toward her and embrace her in my arms from behind.
"Victoria" I whisper in her ear. She jolts at hearing her name, but continues to smile.
"The setting sun is beautiful, isn't it?" Victoria laughs.
"Yeah" I rest my head on shoulder against her neck.
"Christain" I feel her head look down at her feet.
"Do you think I'll ever find love?" The wind picks up speed and a flood of cherry blossoms surround us.
"Of course you will" I stand up straight and release my hold on her.
"But I only have 3 days left and I haven't found anyone to love" Victoria folds her arms.
"Maybe you're not looking hard enough" I turn her around to face me. She sticks her arms out quickly to catch herself.
"What do you mean?" She looks up at me, her deep blue eyes dragging me in like a whirlpool.
"Victoria..." I take a deep breathe.
"Yes?" I lean into her and kiss her deeply, all the love I have flowing into her. I wish this moment could last forever, but it was over. She backs up and covers her mouth. "Chr-christian?!" Her face turns a bright red.
"I love you Victoria. Weither you love me back is your choice, but I just needed to tell you."
She covers her face. "I...I..."
"Yes?" I grab her shoulder. "You're going to fall..." I pull her against me.
She holds onto me tightly and begins to cry. "I love you too" I smile brighter than I have before.
A bright light surrounds up and Victoria is lifted into the air. "Thank you. You have set me free. I'll miss you." I watch her go up and up until I couldn't see her anymore.
"I'll miss you too..." I whisper as I begin to cry.

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