Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Erasure Poem

A      range of shades      allow
bright              from                                        dark
                                                         which symbolizes                             the
beginning                                     Anything                          carries
                                 experience,                                                    and put
people                                        open                                            was
                      I                   a celebrity                                        wearing
            a smile                                                       That             overkill           can
leave you                                                        investing                       instead

                     keep in mind      not everyone can
           have a hard time                                    and                     only
                                 find the                  good
                                                                      The                           red's depth
            is      perfect
                            action                                   active                 in
red is much more                                   perky                              when you want to
                             hit                                work                      is said to
                                      symbolizes               endurance        also                     when
you         stand     without              risk         because
                     If you're                                            red
                                   almost everyone has
      a little
         you need
a young-looking face          to appear                                                    to help
                                                                                                black makes you
                                 instantly                                                                put on
                                                                      the darkest
                                                                   downer                                    feel
                                                                                    the villain
over the years               become more
    elegant                                                  clearly                          you want
more                                                    Every woman needs                  everything
           so you                                shine.

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  1. Woah, this is so much different than mine it's cool to think that two completely different things can come from the exact same starting point. I like it, though.
    -abbigail h