Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Shadow Boy

Dark nights filled with creeping shadows
He opens the door a peak
Peering in the small crack,
Waiting for me to fall asleep
He never leaves while I'm awake at night
Always staring, always watching
Sometimes I wonder what he does,
While I am sleeping in bed
Does he hurt me?
Does he curse me?
Or simply does he do nothing at all?
Perhaps all he does is look,
Until the sun comes up
Perhaps he's friendly,
But too shy to come in
Sometimes I hear him crying,
Small whimpers of a child
Perhaps he's a little boy,
Who only wants to play
I suppose that boy is lonely,
Hiding from the sun
Where does he go?
I wish to find him one day,
Tell him, "I'll play with you."
For at night he seems so scary,
Creeping in the shadows
I feel wrong in being afraid,
A selfish child
Maybe, just maybe,
Tomorrow night,
I'll finally say hello

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