Friday, October 11, 2013

Vampire Tree

Every leaf of the tree was vines to its heart. Blood of the people it had strangled turning it red. Silent, even when the wind blew, these leaves never fall. If you get really close, you can hear the thump thump of the tree's heart, the quiet breathing. If it lets you touch its leaves, you can feel that it pulsates. Many people this one tree has killed, it's the only way it will survive, for it doesn't get fed by the sun. Instead, it fears the sun, the tree hides in the dark. The smell like strawberries, luring in its next victim. Long tangles of leaves tightly wrapping around the unfortunate human's body, squeezing him until blood seeps from his pores. The tree drinks up this metallic blood, lusting for more. The screams of the innocent fade to nothing, he is dead. The cold corpse left on the ground to slowly decay, the fungi now have their turn.

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