Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Timeout Paradise

"Go sit in timeout!" my mother yells as she points toward the blank, white wall. I grab my little blue rocking chair and sit down facing the wall. My tiny hands hold up my head as I pount.

Minutes go by that seem like hours, but I still had ten minutes lift to go. I accept my fate and actually look at the wall for the first time. There were so many smudges and dents that I had never seen before. The more I look, the wall begins to change. It starts to ripple, turning into a fast ocean. The sound f birds from the square window turn into seagulls flying across the sunset. I look closer, smudges become flowers, shadows become island trees and beach huts. I quickly blink my eyes to see if the illusion would disappear, it didn't. The fantasy slowly started to appear as reality, I close my eyes. When I open my eyes I find myself warped into the paradise, it was all around me, beautiful. I jump into the ocean water, wanting to go for a swim, but I begin to drown. My mom is calling for me and I close my eyes again. This time when I open them I'm back in my chair, staring at a blank wall.

"You can come out of timeout now." My mom tells me, my paradise is gone for good.

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