Friday, October 11, 2013

Too Close

From this spot on the cliff, you could hear the ocean waving its final goodbyes. The wind whistling a silent tune, the loud but hidden whimpers of a lost girl. She was on the edge, starting down into the rocky abyss, water crashing against it all. Inching closer, half of her feet on the air. Closing her eyes and opening her arms, she prepares herself. Tears streaming from her eyes into the ocean. Leaning forward she has given up. Seconds later she opens her eyes and is staring off into the forbidden sunset, locked in a young man's arms. He held her tightly, crying along with her. "Sorry, I'm so sorry." he repeats over and over again in her ear. She frowns upon her failed attempt for she was still blinded, unable to hear what is going on around her. "I love you." he whispers and her eyes can finally see. Her eyes now filled with tears of joy she turns around to return the man's embrace. "I love you too," she responds, "thank you."

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