Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Loving Torture

His soft voice fills my ears,
I am wrapped up in him.
The smell of blood lingers on his clothing.
How can someone so violent and so cruel,
Be like this in this moment.
Holding me gently,
Slowly kissing me.
The taste of blood filling my mouth.
Its metallic taste,
Its warmth,
In this moment it was alright.
He was so different now,
No more crazy,
No scissors in his hands.
Instead it was gentleman,
And my hands were in his.
 I have forever awaited for now,
This moment.
He has finally given into liking me,
He has finally admitted it within himself.
Now I can be happy,
The one person I love and will always love,
Now tells me he loves me too.
That is the best new I could hear.
I wish for this one moment to continue on forever,
Him touching me,
Kissing me,
Loving me.
I want nothing more than him.
He may be violent and still strike me with objects,
And tear through my long back with his nails,
But he fills me with such joy.
The feeling of my skin tearing,
The smell of blood around me,
It's all so wonderful.
Best of all,
He is my torturer,
He gives me this joy.

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  1. I like the relationship in here, for some reason. It reminds me of some dreams I used to have.